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Feature fcoe-npv

  N5K-1(config-if)# feature fcoe-npv ERROR: Cannot enable feature fcoe-npv because feature fcoe is enabled. Disable fea ture fcoe, reload the system, and try again. N5K-1(config)#   N5K-1(config)# sh feature | i ena assoc_mgr 1 enabled fcoe 1 enabled lldp 1 enabled npv 1 enabled sshServer 1 enabled telnetServer 1 enabled

FCoE Loadbalancing

On the N7K no need to make any changes since by default it support sid/did/oxid loadbalancing. On the N5K the default load balance mechanism on the LACP port channel is sourcedest. If left in this state, all the FCoE traffic will take the same link in the port channel ¬†when the N5K is forwarding frames …

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Configure FCoE for a Host with VPC etc.

vlan 1011 fcoe vsan 11 N5K-1(config-if)# int e 1/9 N5K-1(config-if)# channel-group 23 N5K-1(config-if)# int po 23 N5K-1(config-if)# sw mod tr N5K-1(config-if)# sw tr all vl 131,151,111,1011 N5K-1(config-if)# no shut N5K-1(config-if)# int vfc 23 N5K-1(config-if)# sw tr all vs 11 N5K-1(config-if)# no shut N5K-1(config-if)# vsan data N5K-1(config-vsan-db)# vsan 11 interfa vfc 23 N5K-1(config-vsan-db)# int e 1/19 …

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