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Nexus 1000v Config for UCS with iSCSI boot.

Inside UCS, all VLANs are trunked and not native, EXCEPT the iSCSI VLAN; The iSCSI NICs needed to be set as the Native VLAN to allow the hardware to boot from the iSCSI devices, since there was no OS to allow us to assign a specific VLAN until after boot; Inside the Standard vSwitches that …

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N1KV Layer 3 mode

Change svs mode from Layer 2 to Layer 3 in Cisco Nexus 1000V. The configuration in the highlighted code is optional to change svs mode from Layer 2 to Layer 3. Note switch(config)# svs-domain switch(config-svs-domain)# no control vlan Warning: Config saved but not pushed to vCenter Server due to inactive connection! switch(config-svs-domain)# no packet vlan Warning: …

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N1Kv installation on an UCS System

If you are installing a Cisco Nexus 1000V in an environment where the upstream switch does not support static port channels, such as the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), you must use the channel-group auto mode on mac-pinning command instead of the channel-group auto mode command

N1K VEM Upstream Switch Prerequisites

The following spanning tree prerequisites apply to the switch upstream from the Cisco Nexus 1000V on the ports connected to the VEM spanning-tree port type edge trunk spanning-tree bpdu filter spanning-tree bpdu guard.

Nexus1000v VSM/VEM communication over Layer3

Over Layer 3 (recommended): Communication between the VSM and the VEM is done through Layer 3, using the management interface of the VSM and a VMkernel interface of the VEM. Layer 3 connectivity mode is the recommended mode. The Layer 3 mode encapsulates the control and packet frames through User Datagram Protocol (UDP). This process requires …

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Nexus 1000v verification commands

sh port-profile brief show interface bries show svs domain show svs connection show module show interface virtual show port-profile usage  

Nexus 1000v Uplinks

First create some vlans: Nexus1000V# configure terminal Nexus1000V(config)# vlan 10 Nexus1000V(config-vlan)# name Management-VMotion Nexus1000V(config-vlan)# vlan 11 Nexus1000V(config-vlan)# name Data-Network Nexus1000V(config-vlan)# vlan 12 Nexus1000V(config-vlan)# name iSCSI Nexus1000V(config-vlan)# vlan 111 Nexus1000V(config-vlan)# name PVLAN-Secondary Nexus1000V(config-vlan)# end Uplink port profile for Management : Nexus1000V# configure terminal Nexus1000V(config)# port-profile type ethernet mgmt-uplink Nexus1000V(config-port-prof)# vmware port-group Nexus1000V(config-port-prof)# switchport mode access Nexus1000V(config-port-prof)# …

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