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OTV Config and Verifications

N7K-1-OTV-2A(config-if-overlay)# sh otv OTV Overlay Information Site Identifier 0000.0000.0001 Overlay interface Overlay1 VPN name : Overlay1 VPN state : UP Extended vlans : 131 151 171 211 (Total:4) Control group : Data group range(s) : Join interface(s) : Eth1/18 ( Site vlan : 1005 (up) AED-Capable : Yes Capability : Multicast-Reachable N7K-1-OTV-2A(config-if-overlay)# sh …

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Guidelines for OTV Multicast

OTV has the following guidelines for multicast configuration: OTV does not require Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) to be configured on an edge device. If you configure PIM on the edge device, ensure that the rendezvous point (RP) is also configured on the edge device. The reverse-path forwarding (RPF) interface for (*.PG) should be join interface. …

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