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vsan database : Interfaces

Port VSAN membership on the switch is assigned on a port-by-port basis. By default each port belongs to the default VSAN. Every FC / San-portchannel should be connected to the corret vsan :   MDS9124(config-vsan-db)# sh vsan mem vsan 1 interfaces: fc1/7 fc1/8 fc1/9 fc1/10 fc1/11 fc1/12 fc1/13 fc1/14 fc1/15 fc1/16 fc1/17 fc1/18 fc1/19 fc1/20 …

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SAN : channel group

On (default)—The member ports only operate as part of a SAN port channel or remain inactive. In this mode, the port channel protocol is not initiated. However, if a port channel protocol frame is received from a peer port, the software indicates its nonnegotiable status. Port channels configured in the On mode require you to …

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Configure FCoE for a Host with VPC etc.

vlan 1011 fcoe vsan 11 N5K-1(config-if)# int e 1/9 N5K-1(config-if)# channel-group 23 N5K-1(config-if)# int po 23 N5K-1(config-if)# sw mod tr N5K-1(config-if)# sw tr all vl 131,151,111,1011 N5K-1(config-if)# no shut N5K-1(config-if)# int vfc 23 N5K-1(config-if)# sw tr all vs 11 N5K-1(config-if)# no shut N5K-1(config-if)# vsan data N5K-1(config-vsan-db)# vsan 11 interfa vfc 23 N5K-1(config-vsan-db)# int e 1/19 …

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Fabricpath basic config

install feature-set fabricpath feature-set fabricpath vlan 31,41 mode fabricpath interface Ethernet7/7 switchport mode fabricpath interface Ethernet7/8 switchport mode fabricpath interface Ethernet7/15 switchport mode fabricpath interface Ethernet7/16 switchport mode fabricpath fabricpath domain default root-priority 255 fabricpath switch-id 71 Verifications : N7K# sh fab sw FABRICPATH SWITCH-ID TABLE Legend: ‘*’ – this system ========================================================================= SWITCH-ID SYSTEM-ID FLAGS …

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Fabricpath and MTU.

Jumbo frame MTU can be configured on the fabricports. The 16 bytes are absorbed, so a MTU of 9216 on the interface is 9216. N7K(config-if-range)# sh fab isis interf br Fabricpath IS-IS domain: default Interface Type Idx State Circuit MTU Metric Priority Adjs/AdjsUp ——————————————————————————– Ethernet7/7 P2P 1 Up/Ready 0x01/L1 9216 40 64 1/1 Ethernet7/8 P2P …

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Nexus 7000 VDC names

with vdc combined-hostname (default) : N7K-N7K-DC1-4(config)#   no vdc combined-hostname N7K-DC1-4(config)#

NPV configuration. No channel.

On the NPV device : feature npv (This will reboot the system.) interface fc2/3 switchport mode NP switchport trunk allowed vsan 200 no shutdown vsan database vsan 200 interface fc2/3 N5K-2# sh npv status npiv is disabled disruptive load balancing is disabled External Interfaces: ==================== Interface: fc2/3, VSAN: 200, FCID: 0x340000, State: Up Interface: fc2/4, …

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Test LDAP configuration.

The ldap configuration isn’t correct : FI-A-A(nxos)# test aaa ser ldap binduser 1234qwer error authenticating to server bind failed for CN=binduser,OU=CiscoUCS,DC=ccielab,DC=com: Invalid credentials The ldap configuration is correct. Username is correct PW is incorrect: FI-A-A(nxos)# test aaa ser ldap binduser 1234qwer user has failed authentication Invalid credentials Everything is working like it should …

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Single Homes FCoE Example

N7K-DC1-1-fcoe(config)# vsan data N7K-DC1-1-fcoe(config-vsan-db)# vsan 100 N7K-DC1-1-fcoe(config-vsan-db)# vlan 100 N7K-DC1-1-fcoe(config-vlan)# fcoe vsan 100 N7K-DC1-1-fcoe(config-vlan)# exit N7K-DC1-1-fcoe(config)# sh vlan fcoe Original VLAN ID Translated VSAN ID Association State —————- —————— —————– 100 100 Operational N7K-DC1-1-fcoe(config-if)# int vfc 71 N7K-DC1-1-fcoe(config-if)# bind int e 7/1 N7K-DC1-1-fcoe(config-if)# show int vfc 71 vfc71 is trunking Bound interface is Ethernet7/1 Hardware …

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UCS : Action on Uplink Fail.

There is a possiblity to have a failover of the NIC without notification of the OS. Link Down— Changes the operational state of a vNIC to down when uplink connectivity is lost on the fabric interconnect, and enables fabric failover for vNICs. Warning— Maintains server-to-server connectivity even when no uplink port is available, and disables …

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