Nexus 1000v Config for UCS with iSCSI boot.

Inside UCS, all VLANs are trunked and not native, EXCEPT the iSCSI VLAN;

The iSCSI NICs needed to be set as the Native VLAN to allow the hardware to boot from the iSCSI devices, since there was no OS to allow us to assign a specific VLAN until after boot;

Inside the Standard vSwitches that carried the iSCSI traffic, the VLANs were not assigned, since they were the Native VLANs already assigned to the Hardware NICs;

Inside all Cisco Devices, the Native VLAN is always 1, if not specifically assigned inside the Port-Group.  Once we set VLAN 166 to Native on the Uplink Port-Profile, the connectivity commenced.  Originally, the Uplink Port Profile was set the same as all other Uplinks, with a VLAN assigned, but not denoted as “Native”.

port-profile type ethernet iSCSI-uplink-166

vmware port-group

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk allowed vlan 166

switchport trunk native vlan 166

channel-group auto mode on mac-pinning

no shutdown

system vlan 166

state enabled

The host’s configuration will depend on which CNA is installed in the UCS blade. The Cisco M81KR Virtual Interface Card (VIC) has the ability to have many virtual interfaces presented to the host from a single card. With this capability, vNICs can be created specifically for the iSCSI traffic. In UCS Manager, when creating the vNIC or vNIC template, select the iSCSI VLAN and assign it as the native VLAN. Note that VIC does not support non native VLAN booting with iSCSI

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